AWS MySQL Choices: MySQL, RDS, Aurora oh my

My migration to AWS is to the point where I have to decide on what database to use. Or should I say what version of a database to use. Our current DB is MySQL, so I want to stick with compatible options. And there are three: self-managed MySQL, RDS MySQL, RDS Aurora. Which to choose? Read More ›

Can SaltStack do AWS, what's in a name

Two days of aws-formuala being live and I found it was broken. Because of names. More precisely the collision of of names in different VPCs. Aren't VPCs completely independent? Well yes, except for names it appears. The normal methodology for a salt state is to check if something needs to be updated and then update it if it does. It appears that this methodology is breaking down in the AWS state/module. I think this is partly due to how AWS is structured and part to difficulties with the boto module. Read More ›

Can SaltStack do AWS, the VPC

We started on Rackspace back when it was still trying to compete with AWS in the IaaS. As a startup, Rackspace worked just fine. But if a company grows and needs more and their IaaS vendor is not growing their offering, there comes a tipping point. Security was our tipping point. We could not get the security we needed without either expensive dedicated hardware or a way to convoluted network architecture. And so we are moving to a new IaaS vendor, AWS. To get started at AWS I created a VPC by hand: subnets, routing tables, gateways, security groups. Add in a salt server and I am able to use Salt to spin up and manage my AWS servers. Read More ›

Can Ops use Dev Techniques Part 3, Deployment Workflow

The last piece of the development process I want to look at is the Development Workflow. What is the process for getting the code from the developer and onto a physical server where customers can use it. Generally speaking companies have a set of environments that code will flow through before it gets into production. Lets keep this simple with three environments Read More ›

Can Ops use Dev Techniques Part 2, Code Workflow

Another piece of the the development process the the code workflow. We have bunch of developers writing code with the goal of providing new and hopefully useful features to our customers. So we need a way to organize how all these separate pieces of code get merged into that finished product. Read More ›