As a long time technology worker I know one of the fundamental truths: I don’t know it all and I cant know it all. And so I consume the internet. I have read hundreds of blogs and googled thousands of subjects. I do this to find answers to specific problems. I do this to keep up with the technology world: to learn more about a piece of software, a development methodology, a DevOps best practice. And for much of my time in technology I did this as a consumer only. I listened to the conversation but I did not speak.

But that no longer works for me. It takes a village to raise a technology worker. The content that people have created has helped me be a better technology worker and to find critical information during outages to get things working again and keep my company, and therefore my source of income, alive. And so I decided to join the voices. I still listen a lot, but I also speak. And one of the ways I speak is through this blog.

I write in hopes that what I say can help others in the technology community, that my voice is one of the many that people who need answers can turn to.